7 Signs of bad rental homes

Every third American lives in the rented home and there is a great demand for good apartments and houses since more and more people prefer to rent instead of own homes. At the same time, it is not easy to find a home with excellent characteristics and for reasonable money.

They are swept away almost immediately. However, there are always rental properties that look suitable for living only at first sight. But when you take a look closer, you realize that these homes hide a variety of problems you are going to face of you settle there. How to understand what rental homes are not the best place for a living and avoid a rough mistake?

Here are 7 signs that will help you to determine homes that are better to avoid.

Bad smell

In fact, the smell is the first thing you will feel entering the home or standing by the front door. If you feel unpleasant smell immediately when you enter this home, think if you are able to live with it constantly since it may never disappear. A bad smell may be a sign of smokers who lived there, pets either live or dead, problems with sewage and gas, heating and conditioning. 

Lighting and some appliances are not working

It is great to get an apartment with all the necessary furniture and appliances but how disappointed you may be to find out that some of them are not working? When you enter a home you are thinking of renting, try to switch on the light in different rooms as well as check appliances. If you see problems with lighting or work of some devices, it is evidence that a landlord is not attentive enough to his ownership. One more important thing to spot is how clean these appliances are since any dirt may lead to problems with their maintenance too.

Stained carpets

How disgusting it is to step on the dirty carpet with bare feet! If you enter a home for rent and see stains on the carpet, curtains, blankets and other things, it is a red flag to avoid this home without any doubts. If a landlord has not put any effort to get rid of apparent dirt, you can only imagine what is hidden from your eyes. Moreover, such carpets may be killing for allergic people since the number of allergens they may contain can be enormous too.

Stained ceiling

What about being flooded sitting on the sofa inside your flat? Yellowish stains on the ceiling and walls say or even shout about serious damage caused by water. It means that property pipes can be in poor condition already or you might obtain careless neighbors who can spoil your mood rather often.

Too low rental price

You may be happy to find a home with rent that is significantly lower than prices in the same neighborhood. However, it is also a reason to worry since the picture you may draw to yourself can differ greatly from the one you see in reality. If you see a home that looks too good to be true and costs little, it is time to think twice why it is so. You should look at other similar variants, compare them to this one and try to understand the reasons.

Evidence of pests

Smell or clear evidence of pests like ants, mouse droppings, termite palettes, and others are not the best neighbors. If you spot any evidence of possible pest presence, you should ask a landlord about it and if you do not get a clear answer, it is better not to rent this home. More information about virtual staging

Peeling paint

If someone may take peeling paint for old age or weariness, it can also speak about water damage and a high humidity level inside a home. If this is an old home built before 1978, it can also have lead in paint and walls and be detrimental to your health.  

If you spot any of these signs entering a home to be rented, it is clear that this place is not the best to live in. It would be better to spend more time and effort on a search and find a variant that will not raise any questions.